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Issue 140 : March 1994

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Public Domain
The Acorn User cover disc.
Free ads
Next Month
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Julian Pixton of Longman Logotron.
Character Assessment
Sleuth and Optical under investigation.
The sum of the partz
Fireworkz combining program.
Game show
Birds of War, Play it again with Sam 3 and Small.
All in the planning
The first project manager on the Arc, ProjectING.
Education reviews
The latest primary school software.
It's show time
Don't miss the Acorn User spring show.
The National Curriculum
Part three of our guide to the National Curriculum.
Beyond the horizons
We examine the results of the Horizon Project.
Pretty Packages
Our guide to the best graphics packages available.
All in the cards
How to improve your machine's graphics capabilities.
Size is not everything
Six of the best monitors for Acorn Computers.
What the eye can see
How to grab images from the outside world.
Graphics station
We look at three different graphics set-ups.
In brief
Letraset's Colour Tag and Klein's graphics tablet.
Questions and answers
Back to basics
More Basic tutuorials.
Our monthly collection of programs and advice.

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