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Issue 139 : February 1994

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Public Domain
The Acorn User cover disc
Free ads
Next month
The subscribers' page
Details of our fantastic subscription offer.
The Moxon interview
Adrian Calcraft of Beebug.
Spring into action
How the FEMS appication on our cover disc works.
Back to basics
Continuing our Basic programming tutorial.
Learning to read
The last in our series on Scribe OCR.
Questions and answers
BETT Preview
What to look for at the BETT '94 show.
The National Curriculum
Our continuing guide to the National Curriculum.
Speaking in tongues
Basic, Assembler, C, Pascal, Fortran: Which language?
The write stuff
To program, you need a good editor.
The book program
The best books for programmers.
No objections
Object orientated languages.
A light read
Are the PRMs better on CD-ROM or paper?
All things to all men
Writing applications for Omnidesk.
Intelligence test
Clever drawing for Artificial Intelligence.
Compose yourself
Sibelius looks set to revolutionise the music industry.
Game show
Phaeton, Warlocks, Carnage Inc, and the latest gossip.
Mission impossible
All you need to succeed at Elite.
Education Reviews
The latest CD-Roms and resources for teachers.

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