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Issue 147 : October 1994

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The Acorn User cover disc
More programs to keep you amused.
Next Month
Back issues
Free ads
The subscriber's page
The Moxon interview
Laurie Van Someren of Aleph One.
Module area blues
Solve fragmented module areas.
Questions and answers
Acorn customer hotline
C for yourself
Different types of variables in C.
What a lark
After the Eagle, the Lark card.
Sounds terrific
Create your own Music Box.
Round and round in circles
Mapping skills with Navigator.
Primary management for all?
Sort out your admin with PIMS.
The case for portables
The success of portables in schools.
Game show
A look at what's to come.
Games previews
Burn Out and The S42 collection.
Cannon Fodder
Command your own team.
The first part of a continuous feature.
Electric studio
A multimedia experience.
See me
The importance of multimedia in schools.
Acorn World preview
We show you what's on.
The language of technology
The involvement of Acorn in education.
I wrote that
The developers behind Impression.

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