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Issue 133 : August 1993

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Public Domain
Our new monthly guide to the world of Public Domain software.
Learning Curve
The column for new users.
The Subscriber's Page
Free Ads
Next Month
The Moxon Interview
Arm Ltd's MD Robin Saxby spills the beans on the future of the Arm chip.
The Cutting Edge
Professional video editing on the Archimedes.
In Brief
HCCS' HiVision digitiser and a magneto-optical drive from the Serial Port.
Education Plus
Hutchinson's Encyclopedia, Darryl the Dragon and Amazing Maths.
Game Show
Exclusive preview of Oregon's new shoot-em-up Quark, and more.
Read All About It
The staff and pupils of Harlington Upper School use Ovation to put together a complete school newspaper. How do they do it?
Getting Into Print
All your problems with printing and printer drivers solved.
Business Matters
Creating professional stationery using nothing more than Draw.
Morph For Less
Morphing is the hippest video effect at the moment, and with the Acorn User morphing package you can do it at home.
Back To Basics
The first part in our series which will teach you how to write your own programs using Basic V.
A New Dimension
More three-dimensional programming, this time in the form of polygon clipping and object storage.
Questions And Answers
Including Acorn's customer hotline column.
Hints And Tips
Not So Baby Bio
The ever popular Bio application gets a facelift, and receives a number of additions to its family of modules.
Cockroaches, one-line fruit machines, virtual directories...will it never end?
Yellow Pages

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