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Issue 134 : September 1993

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Public Domain
Learning Curve
Be quick on the draw.
Next Month
The Subscribers' Page
Free Ads
The Moxon Interview
PD guru Dave McCartney.
Back to Basics
Questions And Answers
A New Dimension
Not So Baby Bio
Yellow Pages
Acorn World
As Acorn gears up for the Show, we bring you the latest news.
Clip Art
You want a no-smoking sign, we've got it. You want Mick Jagger nibbling Princess Di's ear? We've got that too. Thousands of pics to use.
Never throw away a file again. Options to boost your storage capacity.
Education Plus
From classroom to pool with Talking Pendown and Swimming.
Heavens Above
Stargazing with a pre-release of Clares' NightSky.
On The Move
A year after its debut we look at peripherals to enhance your A4.
In Brief
Brighter backdrops with Larger, while StrongEd adds power to text editing.
PC Emulator
A PC emulator for the Arc? Why? We find out.
Who needs Greg Norman when you've got Virtual Golf? In fact, who needs games companies when you have the standard of our Design-a-Game competition entries? Results inside.
Music To Your Ears
ESP's revamp, Compose World, strikes a chord.
A Heavy Read
The 3000+ page Risc OS 3 Programmer's Reference Manuals hit the desk.

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