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Issue 132 : July 1993

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The Subscriber's Page
Free Ads
The Moxon Interview
This month, Atomwide's Martin Coulson retraces his career.
Education Plus
FirstLogo, PrimeWord and lots more.
Getting Resultz
Colton's new spreadsheet joins the recently released Wordz.
A Change Of Image
CIS' new image processor.
In Brief
Arc Embroidery, GreyHawk, Squish and Fonts Directory.
Ahead Of The Pack
Upgrading your A3010 memory.
Game Show
Axis will get you in a spin, plus 20 adventure games for under £50 with The Lost Treasures of Infocom.
The Hard Facts
All you need to know about fitting a hard drive to your machine.
The World To Come
News on the bigger, better Acorn World show.
Village People
Not your everyday bulletin board. We visit Silicon Village.
Absolute Beginners
Getting to grips with chips.
Icon Class
Art in miniature with your personalised icons.
Rover's Return
Rover gets a new motor in a special school project.
A New Dimension
Bring your screen into the third dimension.
Questions And Answers
Hints And Tips
Strictly For Wimps
Two programming titles get the once over.
King Of The Modes
Any mode at the touch of a key in our exclusive program.
Yellow Pages

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