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Issue 131 : June 1993

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What's happening in the Acorn world.
News from the visual zone.
What's new on-line.
Acorn in the classroom.
The Subscriber's Page
Your free disc explained.
Free Ads
Bargains galore.
Make your views known.
The Moxon Interview
Dominik Diamond on the Acorn games scene.
Education Plus
Short reviews of new educational releases.
Improve Your Memory
8Mb Ram upgrades for the A5000.
Back To Nature
Three CD-Roms with a natural theme.
Get Yourself Organised
Organise your life with a little help from Clares.
Plot On The Landscape
Bring mapping into the third dimension.
Picture Book
We look at a new book on Acorn graphics.
Back To The Drawing Board
Minerva's ProCAD under the spotlight.
In Brief
A quick look at new releases.
Game Show
Zool, Fred, Heimdall, Humanoids and Robotix.
Get In The Picture
A round-up of five top graphics packages.
Bringing It All Back Home
Set up your own home-based Midi studio.
Absolute Beginners
What lives inside an application directory?
Graphics Rendered Simple
A complete scene rendering program.
Questions And Answers
A problem shared is a problem halved.
A New Dimension
The first part in our new 3D graphics series.
Everything and anything.
Hints And Tips
Your indispensable guide to a better life.
Assembly Line
The final instalment for Arm code devotees.
Yellow Pages
Program listings.

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