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Issue 130 : May 1993

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The facts you need to know.
News from the visual zone.
What's new on-line.
Acorn in the classroom.
Absolute Beginner
Give your machine a boot.
Questions And Answers
We resolve your perplexities.
Make your views known.
The Subscriber's Page
What's on your free disc this month?
The Moxon Interview
Who's who in the Acorn world.
Spring Fever
Acorn User goes on the launch trail.
Show Competition
Win out at the Acorn User Show.
The Exterminator
Recreate a Dalek on screen.
Judging Characters
Forget typing: OCR is here.
Old Master
Masterfile 3: heir to a noble family.
Adventure Playgrounds
Visiting other worlds in the classroom.
Wordz Made Easy
Colton's new word processor.
Fanfare For Serenade
Serenade: every musician's dream?
Modem Times
The latest comms boxes.
In Brief
Quick looks at new releases.
Game Show
Technodream, Sim City and more.
Bjorn Again
Back to the '70s with Pong.
Rocky Trade
Designing a complete game.
A riot of programming ideas.
Assembly Line
Become and Arm expert.

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