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Issue 129 : April 1993

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Education Column
Graphics Column
Comms Column
The New Subscribers' Disc
Free to subscribers, the magazine disc is now indispensable.
Four Of A Kind
New from Acorn: Replay DIY, the Multimedia Expansion Unit, Alink and Advance.
Playing Around
A round-up of current educational games software.
Surviving The Riscs
All those RISC OS 3 problems solved.
Acorn User Show Guide
Your eight-page guide to what's on at the Acorn User Spring Show.
Absolute Beginner
We take a look at all those sockets on the back of your machine.
Programming Section
RISC OS patches, zany graphics demos, sorts, mad monkeys, need we go on?
Bio Logically
Hexadecimal Dump and Tone Dialler: two modules for the ever-growing Bio.
Moving Targets
Our games designing series moves on to animated aliens and pattern files.
Assembly Line
Stacks of recursion and Persian carpets, all in super-fast Arm code.
Yellow Pages
Free Ads
True To Type
A visit to Electronic Font Foundry clarifies the world of fonts.
Orchestral Manoeuvres
This month, a case study of music in education.
Coders' Choice
Showdown of the program editors: DeskEdit 2 versus DBEdit.
Quick On The Draw
Minerva's computer-aided design package, CADet, under the spotlight.
In Brief
Short reviews of My World 2 and Digital Symphony.
Games Show
Reviews of Battle Chess, The Hacker and Dragonball, plus hints and tips galore.
Next Month
Questions And Answers

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