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Issue 97 : August 1990

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Acorn PC
Education - Lisa Hughes
Next Month In BAU
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue - Dave Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
Tank Warriors - Stuart Cupit and Simon Cruse
Play on the battlefield with your Archimedes. This exciting tank simulation has all the excitement of any arcade war game, with an insight into wireframe graphics thrown in for good measure.
Blob Hunting - David Knell
Our image processing series continues.
Join The Mandelbrot Set - James Ward
The Beeb explores the ultimate in mathematical enigmas.
Chancing your Arm - Jason O'Broin
The first in a series revealing the secrets of Arm code.
Classroom Crawlers - Chris Drage
Two floor robots find favour with kids and teachers alike.
Eight Bit Special - Dave Acton
Five pages packed with classic hints and tips.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
Jet Setters - Geoff Bains
A critical look at seven inkjet printers.
Board Games - David Janda
Bulletin boards with calling in on.
Know Your Stuff - Lawrence Brightman
Organising the grey matter with a little help from the Arc.
Crafty Art - Dave Futcher
Classroom capers with colourful design software.
Game Show
News and views from the games world.
Going Straight - Graham Bell
Does the HP Laserjet 3 mean a quantum leap for printing?
A Word To The Wise - Dave Futcher
Managing your Wordwise Plus files in style.
Software Showcase
Advertisers Index
End User - Christina Neal
Checking out the Master Compact down at the corner shop.

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