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Issue 113 : December 1991

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Questions And Answers
What has our eight and 32-bit column in store for you?
The Chart Show
Produce graphs on your Archimedes, in a few simple steps.
Pieces Of Eight
We take our monthly look at some classic eight-bit programs.
Scart To Finish
Our guide to using your television set as a monitor.
Stepping Up
First steps to becoming a computer artist, with the Artisan package.
Time Machine
History and computers can go hand in hand.
File O' Facts
Get your files in order with our disc-indexing program.
Get In The Picture
BAU launches a new graphics column, to keep you up to date.
Bargain Software
Browse through our special offers page.
Yellow Pages
Take your pick of programs from this month's listings pages.
A5000 - A Step In The Right Direction
The new machine is here! We take a closer look.
All Change
How can a new art package help busy teachers?
ARM3 Upgrade
Turbo-charge your A3000 machine.
To The Point
We review Pinpoint, the latest educational database.
Elite Review
Love it or hate it: Elite is the game everyone is talking about.
Design Or Develop
Set up a factory in the comfort of your own front room.
Puzzle Page.

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