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Issue 110 : September 1991

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Music Column
Next Month
Questions And Answers
Our regular column of essential hints and tips for your eight and 32-bit micros.
Performing Arcs
How to attain circus skills with the aid of a bit of artificial intelligence.
Doing It With DTP
Making the best of your desktop publishing system.
First Screening
Bigger screens mean bigger fun, so watch your Beeb display 102 characters.
Off Your Trolley
Got the supermarket blues? Let your micro take the strain.
Stepping Up
The start of a new series that may well turn you into a power user.
Norses For Courses
The Vikings take time off from eating Spam to perk up the curriculum.
Cunning Crunching
An eight-bit classic that tells you how to cram more graphics on your floppies.
Yellow Pages
Techno-I - the fast way to good graphics?
Hood In The Wood
Learning can be fun with interactive adventuring.
The Great Divide
An Arc compiling 68000 code? 6502? Z80? Cross32 claims to do it all.
Coding Made Comfy
Will Acorn's Desktop Development Environment mean user-friendly coding?
Design For Learning
How Data Designs' interactive approach has taken the classroom by storm.
Get Dug In
Uncover the historical artifacts buried deep in the Arc.
Slimline Sampler
Simple sampling on the Econet port.
Game Show
Puzzle Page
Confound your cerebrum with this month's clutch of conundrums.

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