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Issue 109 : August 1991

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PC Column
Next Month
Questions And Answers
Acorn Hotline
Our regular column of essential hints and tips for your eight and 32-bit micros.
From Scalpel To Screen
How the BAU team have adapted to producing the magazine on the Arc.
A Firm Handshake
The final part of our comms series which should leave you a bit of an expert.
Dump That Screen
Use the right software to get the best our of your printer. We tell you how.
Back To Basic
The conclusion of our First Steps on the A3000 looks at 'basic' programming.
Going Into Reversi
Playing multiple games with our GameCore program from last month.
Keep On Strumming
Try out this music sequencing program for the BBC micro.
Carry On Screaming
The Beeb's archives throw up a classic arcade puzzler and a mathematical spider.
Yellow Pages
Better By Design
DTP in schools on the up and up with ESM's Desktop Folio.
Touch up your typing with this keyboard tutor from Iota.
Pound Of Flesh
If you're trying to figure out your food facts, then Diet Manager is just for you.
School Line-Up
Classroom comms gets a boost with the latest version of ArcComm.
The Missing Link
We look at a new option for transferring data between two Arcs.
Mega Upgrades
If you want a super Arc, then read our review of the best upgrade choices.
Batting Orders
Over to Dave Futcher for his review of the Cricket Database.
Game Show
Simple Hues
We dip into the VisionQuest Paintbox and fly its colours.
Puzzle Page

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