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Issue 26 : September 1984

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Unicorn: Cheapest Route To UNIX - Andrew Cummings and Peter Voke

THE Unicorn system from Torch is a good deal more expensive than other second processer systems, but it gives you something special for your money. The system given for review contained a 68000 ( 16-bit) second processor with a quarter megabyte of RAM (256k), a Z80 processor with 64k of RAM, a 20Mb hard disc drive, and a single 5¼in floppy drive with a slimline profile, similar to one you may already have connected to your BBC micro, storing up to 400k. The whole package sat in a buffcoloured box that stood on one of its ends beside the BBC micro, looking rather like a squat tower 7½in wide, 10iin deep and 12½in high.
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