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Issue 22 : May 1984

6502 second processor article

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New Dimension in Time and Space? - Clive Williamson

AT LAST the 6502 second processor is here to relieve us of the major drawback of the BBC micro - its lack of memory space when high resolution grpahics are used (ie, modes 0,1 and 2). This problem is compounded when a filing system such as disc, Telesoftware or Econet is fitted, because each claims more space from the Beeb's memory map. The addition of a second processor immediately solves the problem because, once connected to the Beeb via the Tube interface, Basic programs are passed over, leaving the main machine to act as an input/output processor, handling all the operating system functions, output to peripherals and the screen display, and any necessary inputs from the keyboard, joysticks and so on.
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