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Issue 16 : November 1983

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The News
Electron comes home, Acorn share launch, Cumana on the streets, US livens up, micro art page.
Techniques - Stan Froco
SF sets out some impossible problems.
Contour graphics - Mike Fryer
Two programs for models A and B.
Joe's Jottings
Our man Telford starts up a new column with an article on Beebtalk and Battleships.
XREF - Ian Graham
Sorting out variables will never be the same again with this listing.
Basic II commands - Ian Birnbaum
The new assembler utilities.
Beeb Forum - Ian Birnbaum
More expert ideas.
Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
A new column for the not-so-expert.
Pull out poster
OS, VDU, *FX, OSBYTE calls all listed for easy reference.
Disc overlays - Patrick Quick
A simple way to write large programs.
School Software
Seven packages come under scrutiny from out educational reviewers, with varying results.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
BP presents ideas to, for and from readers.
Alternative toolbox - Bruce Smith
How to add extra Atom commands.
Competition - Simon Dally
Printer number 3 to be won.
Battle of the Beebcalcs - Jaquetta Megarry
There are two BBC spreadsheets with the same name. See how they compare.
Ferguson and Shaw on assembly language, The Advanced User Guide, BBC Toolkit, Procyon Atom ROM and games galore.
Special reader offers
Wordwise for £37.95, Cassette cards £1.95, Sweatshirts £6.50.
Women and micors, Atom grumbles, disappointed customers, plus queries answered.
Readers' free ads
All the hardware you could want.
£10 small adverts
At your service - companies galore.

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