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Issue 15 : October 1983

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The News
Acorn shake-up, second processors, telesoftware launch, live BBC show.
News Feature
Sexism in computing and the classroom.
Techniques - Stan Froco
Random numbers for precision.
Competition - Simon Dally
Back into the dungeon.
Beebcalc - Joe Telford
The new release from Computer Concepts.
Fractal graphics - Susan Stepney
Weird and wonderful curves.
57-track discs - Nigel Pendleton
Put two catalogues on 40 and 80 track discs.
Beeb Forum
Basic as machine code, interrupt printer spooler and Quicksort.
Vampire - Michael Murray
32k game listing for Beeb and Electron.
Key to Tab - George Hill
Assembly code to control the Tab key.
OSFILE merging - George Hill
Program to illustrate this command.
Atom Future - Barry Pickles
A plan of action.
Atom Revealed
Verify routine and game review.
New book from Procyon takes Atom apart.
BBC Soft Review - Alan Pipe
AP gets his hands on an early Vu-Type tape.
Atom Forum - Barry Pickles
Games utilities, screen inversion, ROM routines, interrupt music.
Software Reviews
Four offerings from Program Power Opus and Acornsoft.
Epson FX80 Review - George Hill
Criticises, praises and sets out some utilities.
Teletext Adapter - Malcolm Hall
MH explains telesoftware and assesses the hardware.
Disc Drive Review
Mitsubishis from Microage.
Readers' Letters
A bumper bundle covering VDU21 bug, earth problems, extra RAM, teletypes, recursion and string handling.
Reader Services
back numbers (what's left anyway), photocopies, subscriptions et al.
Readers' Free Ads
Bargains Galore, offered by our greatest asset.
£10 Small Adverts
These companies may be small, but they've a lot to offer.

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