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Issue 127 : February 1993

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Graphics Column
Aiding And A-Betting
Twenty things to look out for at this month's Bett show.
Face The Music
Everything you wanted to know about getting into computer music.
Next Month
In Brief
Concise reviews of Rhythm-Box, Picture-It and Netview.
New Frontier
A look at Frontier 2000, the latest in educational multimedia.
Jet Engines
We put a selection of the newest inkjet printers through their paces.
The Floppy Factor
Sometimes two floppy disc drives can be better than one.
Free Ads
Motion Pictures
How four schools used the Archimedes as a powerful animation tool.
Programming Section
Of Sprites And Men
Our ongoing games design series blasts out the bitmaps.
A Program For All Seasons
We present BIO, the all-purpose file I/O utility.
Lots of Jan Vibe; eight-bit ray tracing; the Ominoes challenge and more.
How To Subscribe
Assembly Line
More on the joys of stacks.
Yellow Pages
Absolute Beginner
How to customise your RISC OS windows.
Fast And Friendly
A stroll through Datapower, the database that acts like a DTP package.
Easy PC
How does Aleph One's 486 card rate against real PCs?
Game Show
The latest in computer entertainment; Ixion and Repton 4 under the spotlight.
Questions And Answers
The answers to all those troublesome queries.
Your chance to have your say.

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