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Issue 4 : November 1982

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BBC update - David Allen
All about the new series.
Simple Machine Code - John Ferguson and Tony Shaw
JF & TS lead the way.
Beeb forum - Ian Birnbaum
IB tackles programming problems.
Trek III - Tim Heaton
Star wars.
Schools - Robin Norman
Fishy graphics.
Graphics recipes - Jane Whitwell
Multiple program storage - Michael Murray
MM has it taped.
Hints and tips - Joe Telford
JT speeds up graphics and moves on to games.
Printing on an Epson - George Hill
A seven-tone dump.
User group news
Atom graphics - Paul Beverley
Manipulation with machine code.
Text Manipulation - Peter Thompson
PT is in control.
Dumb terminal program - Paul Beverley
Beeb hints.
Fireworks - Joe Telford
JT lights the way.
Concurrent picture storage - Peter Goode
PG runs the show.
Subscription offer
Win a BBC micro - Simon Dally
SD sets the quiz.
Acorn dealer list
Readers' tips
Family favourites - Ronnie Rowsell
RR isn't a micro.

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