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Issue 94 : May 1990

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Comms - David Janda
Music - Ian Waugh
Education - Lisa Hughes
Next Month In BAU
Questions And Answers
Risc Revue - David Acton
Eight Bits - David Atherton
In The Mode - David Acton
A la mode design on the Archimedes.
Beat Master - Mike Smith
Tune in your BBC micro and in no time you could be strumming along with all the facilities of a mini studio.
Born Again - Phil Bender
Life in the fast lane - BBC micro style.
Precision Made - David Cook
The BBC micro travels to far-off decimal places.
Star Gazing - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Looking to the future of IT in schools.
Quick Turnaround - Rob Miller
Shape up with graphics that will turn heads.
Reading Matter - David Lawrence
Easy transfer of Beeb discs to your Arc.
Special Offers
Easy To Impress - Graham Bell
Impressive desktop publishing from Computer Concepts.
Screened For Value - Malcolm Brown
Microvitec's new monitor for the A3000.
Picking Up The Pieces - Dave Futcher
The ultimate in jigsaws for learning or leisure.
Compose Yourself - Ian Waugh
Sounding out music software for schools.
New Lamps For Old - David Janda
Expanding on the Integra-B from Computech.
Drive On - Sean Solle
A range of disc buffers for the Archimedes.
First Up - Graham Bell
The updated First Word Plus us here at last.
Game Show
Turning A New Leaf - Martin Phillips
Flicking through two hypermedia packages.
Software Showcase
End User - Christina Neal
The BBC Master strikes it lucky with Thames TV.

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