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Issue 123 : October 1992

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Graphics Column
Comms Column
Acorns For Everyone
A long hard look at Acorn's new machines for games, business and education.
All Change
Something big is happening to Acorn's education organisation.
BBC Acorn User Show Guide
Your 10-page guide to what's happening at the Acorn event of the year.
Faster Footwork
Speed yourself up with our useful advice.
The Write Stuff
Equations made simple with Icon Technology's new word processor.
A Quick Fix
Don't let it sit in a cupboard, get that Beeb fixed.
Video Diary - Pete Worrall
Combining video with computer art.
Two In The Hand
The latest hand scanners from Watford and Computer Concepts reviewed.
Programming Section
Thinking Big
Numbers longer than your Arm calculated with ease.
Harmonic Verses
Assembly Line
Absolute Beginners
Sticky Moments
Showing how natural selection evolved the spider's web.
Don't Panic
An up to date, no-nonsense guide to viruses.
Pendown Plus
Prophet Motive
How does the new accounts system from Apricote Studios add up?
Aztec Camera
The latest in educational landmarks goes to the Americas.
Net Gains
A Vision Thing
A peek at HCC's price beating colour digitiser.
Puzzle Page
Game Show
Questions And Answers

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