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Issue 121 : August 1992

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Graphics Column
Communications Column
A4, OK?
An in-depth look at Acorn's new midget Archimedes.
New Worlds
How to travel to the far reaches of space - without leaving your desk.
Next Month
Free Ads
The easy way to buy or sell your hardware and software.
BAU Programming Section
Wired Up For Sound
We explain how to use the Arc's sound capabilities in your own programs.
Absolute Beginner
If you've never typed a line of Basic in your life - here's the place to start.
Waves, stars, trees - more natural forms for you to simulate.
Time For C
More on the intricacies of the micro world's favourite language.
Assembly Line
Taking control of the Arm.
Pieces Of Eight
Get your life organised with this classic diary program for the BBC micro.
Yellow Pages
A bumper crop of quality-tested programs for you to key in.
Puzzle Page
Our regular work-out for the little grey cells.
Three Easy Pieces
Does Fun and Games make learning enjoyable?
Vectored Thrust
We examine the application that reaches the parts Draw can't.
Situations Vacant
OK, the Arc is a fab machine - so why are PC and Mac owners still unimpressed?
Game Show
Ninjas, Gods, and record-breaking athletics - there all in the game.
Master Controls
Control in the classroom isn't just a discipline - it can be fun.
Questions And Answers
Technical conundrums unscrambled as you wait.
Over to you: your views on the Acorn world!

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