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Issue 107 : June 1991

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PC Column
Next Month
Questions And Answers
Risc Revue
Eight Bits
Going On-Line
The first of a three-part series on getting set up in the comms world.
More about font designing for your 24-pin printer.
Getting To Grips With ADFS
How to use your filing system to best advantage.
Prime Candidates
Mathematical genius in the discovery of prime numbers.
Far Out
Relive the sixties with this way out wacky pattern generator.
First Steps
Using Draw, Paint and Edit together can get you out of any jam.
Gobble Gobble
Life takes on a new meaning with these gobbling bugs.
Common Census
Using census data as a learning resource in the classroom.
Game Of Life
Our eight-bit classics archive has uncovered some 3D wonders.
Yellow Pages
Order Form
Time Machine
Landmarks from Sherston takes us back in time to wars and pyramids.
Monitoring The Arc
Peeking and poking around inside your Archimedes with ArcMonitor.
All the latest in public domain software for the Arc and where to get it.
Points Of View
Viewpoints, the educational environment simulation, gets an airing.
Class Of Its Own
Junior Database could hit the right spot in the classroom. We have a look.
Direct Drive
The Computer Concepts' Laser Direct Hi-Res is put through its paces.
On The Box
Equipping your Archimedes to tune into teletext. We look at the options.
Game Show
Software Showcase
Advertisers' Index
Puzzle Page
Correctly complete our crossword and you could win £25.

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