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Issue 102 : January 1991

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Jet Set Competition
Win an A3000 and a selection of great games.
Questions And Answers
Acorn Customer Hotline
Risc Revue
Next Month In BAU
Eight Bits
First Steps
The first in a major series on getting to know your A3000. Whether you're already an Acorn user, or have no idea what you'll find when you open the box, we tell you all you need to know.
Opening Address
The business of writing last month's program revealed.
Showing Off
Demonstrating the magical world of demos.
Drawing Conclusions
The final instalment in developing your own graphics package.
Out Of Exile
We begin to unravel the mystery of Superior Software's Exile.
Appliance of Science
The science National Curriculum has a place for your micro.
Hats Off
Part one of this intriguing game for your Beeb.
Taxan Competition
Create some stunning graphics and win the latest Taxan monitor.
Yellow Pages
Special Offers
In-Creased Delight
Paper modelling in the third dimension with Tabs.
Well Managed
Flexifile from Minerva - an affordable database manager.
Stick With It
The RTFM interface takes the cobwebs off your joystick.
Chart Show
Plotting graphs in the classroom can be affordable - and easy.
Cloud Nine
Lining up the BBC micro as a weather station.
All Cut Up
Sprite editing made easy with 4Mation's Snippet.
Easy PC
Loads of essential software for your PC compatible Master 512.
More news and reviews from the Acorn games scene.
Free Ads
Software Showcase
Advertisers Index
End User
The Arc lights up London's electrical advertising campaign.

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