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Issue 58 : May 1987

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Handy !Boots with Wordwise+ and printing perfect circles.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
Tessie puts into practice the lessons of her assembler series.
Education Special
News, reviews, programs networks - our annual roundup for schools and colleges.
Reader Survey
Win one of three Compacts by completing our reader survey, designed to help us give you the magazine you want.
Mandlebrots are Back - David Johnson-Davies
David explores the wild patterns submitted in response to last year's mathematical Mandlebrots.
Rhythmical Robots - Joe Telford
Joe has designed a program for visual accompaniment to easily entered musical chimings.
Compatibility Not Combat - Manek Dubash
Manek on making various add-on boards fit inside the micro, and ensuring their software doesn't clash.
Calligraphic Enhancements
Design your own sets of large characters for producing eye-catching notices and posters on a home printer.
The Games Page
A look at new releases and gives some cheats for old favourites.
Still struggling with Repton 2? Richard Hanson of Superior gives some hints.
Games Reviews
Firetrack, Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Winter Wonderland.
Book Reviews
Three educational books: two on interfacing and one on maths.
Hardware Review
Lego's interfacing and modelling kits and software to teach control.
Education News
The latest for Acorns in schools and colleges.
History Packages - Chris Drage
Chris looks at software for the humanities. This month: history.
Software File
A complete list of non-specific software - databases, art, wordprocessors, Logo.
Networks - Robin Newman
Robin on direct communication between Econet stations.
Data Protection - Roger Carus
The Data Protection Act and how to stay within the law.
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