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Issue 48 : July 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
The secrets of undocumented OS calls and offers help on configuring the Master.
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
The Disc Filing System and its catalogue is the subject for beginners.
Back to the Roots - David Johnson-Davies
Build up eye-boggling graphics screens using complex mathematics.
Helping Hand - Barry Ambrose
Barry provides a help facility for the Beeb to rival those found on large computer systems - so you can throw away your UserGuide.
Reader Survey
Your chance to tell us what you think about Acorn User - your reply could net you a Centronics Great Little Printer!
Games Reviews
Computer Hits 10 Vol 1, Revs4 Track, Type Invaders and Karate Combat.
Software Reviews
Proc-Kit from Software Services and Slogger Software's BeebMon.
Software/Book Reviews
Inside Information from BBCsoft and Maths Tutor for the BBC/Electron.
A Question of Control - Richard Sargent
Experiment with interfaces for control devices.
Chatting with a Chip - David Atherton
David fishes around the 1770 disc controller chip and its OSWORD calls.
A Drive Around Discs - Bruce Smith and Tony Quinn
The latest news on what's available.
Starloader - Michael Ginns
Michael's program allows ambiguous filenames to be used in Load commands.
Under New Management - Michael Ginns
Kenda's Disc Management Filing System reviewed.
Covering the Catalogue - Martin Phillips
Martin flips through books to help disc users.
Discs for the Electron - Bruce Smith
The Advanced Plus4 interface is praised by Bruce.
Education News - Nick Evans
What's new in the world of micros in the classroom.
Alternative Input - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Alternatives to the QWERTY keyboards suitable for small hands.
Business News
All the latest information for users of Acorn computers in business.
Spooling into View - Graham Bell
Graham's programs let you spool text in View and transfer data to other packages in the family.
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