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Issue 42 : January 1986

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Hints and Tips - Martin Phillips
Martin asks how compatible are Epson compatible printers?
First Byte - Tessie Revivis
How to build up your system wisely.
Spectrmania - David Acton
A fast arcade-style game by David for you to type in and play. You'll have hours of fun guiding Ray Robot around the Spectramaze but beware of the evil Smiffs.
LOGO Wordprocessor - Joe Telford
Joe helps you develop your own wordprocessor to use with the Logo language that's a favourite of educationalists and widely used in schools, but is mainly known for its Turtle graphics.
3D Graphics - Jim McGregor and Alan Watt
The duo conclude their four-part series on graphics for the BBC micro and Electron by revealing two ways to create three dimensional solids on screen.
Super Painter - Jonathan Baldwin
This superb painting package is quite simply the best around! Jonathan has combined popular colour-filling and painting programs into this bumper program.
Elitism - Paul Skirrow and Paul Springate
We help you succeed at Acornsoft's best selling game, by fair means or foul, and reveal how to create an Elite commander.
Business News
All the latest for users of Acorn computers in business, plus half price Mallard Basic offer.
Which Word to Process - Roger Carus
Guidelines on choosing a wordprocessor to fulfil your business needs.
Basic Choices - Edward Brown
Edward compares BBC Basic and Mallard Professional Basic, supplied with the Z80.
Education News
Proposed European standard for educational micros raises many questions.
The Wonder of Wordprocessing - Chris Drage and Nick Evans
Chris and Nick look at wordprocessors to help children express themselves.
Games Review
Strike Force Harrier; Jump Jet; Match Day; Talkback; Death Star and Caesar the Cat.
Book Review
Four books ranging in level from beginners to advanced.
Cumana Touchpad
Is this product a solution without a problem?
Numeric Keypads Compared - Simon Williams
Simon says if you work with numbers then a numeric keypad could make life easier.
Morley Teletext Adaptor - Trevour Buck
How a cheap alternative measures up to Acorn's similar device.
The Pros and Cons of Proword - Patrick Quick
Patrick's verdict on a reasonably priced wordprocessor with many facilities.
Utilities Make their Mark - Peter Sandford
Sleuth, Microscope and Basic Extensions are the debugging ROMS under examination.
Software reviews
Magazine Bibliography, Design 7.
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