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Issue 200 : November 1998

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Five pages of up to the minute news.
Public Domain
The latest PD news.
Weather warnings on the Net.
Photodesk 3 uncovered.
PC page
The arrival of PCPro 3.0.
CD pages
Details of our fantastic cover CD-ROM.
Game show
All the latest plus Abuse reviewed.
Tell us how you feel about all things Acorn.
The Regan Files
We talk to elusive David Pilling.
More mind-blowing stuff.
Run the Risc
On the receiving end.
C for yourself
Selecting fonts and choosing colours.
Rambles through Acorn Wood
Mike Cook tramples more Acorn related ground.
Acorn World
All the latest news about the forth coming show.
Education Editorial
Get up to date on educational matters.
Round-up of maths packages.
Minding your Ps and Qs
Make learning the ABC fun.
Free for all
Interesting and useful Websites.
Pretty Good Privacy
Security on the Internet explained.
Burn it up
CD writing on your Acorn machines.
State of the art
Phoebe and it's rivals.
Building utopia
Explore the power of DaVinci.
Relatively speaking
Relational databases - part 2.
The winning cards
Acorn's in business in NZ.
Members only
The latest from AAUG.
History of Acorn User
We look back over the last 16 years.

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