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Issue 149 : December 1994

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The latest news from the Acorn scene.
More fractals with jack Kreindler.
Get connected with David Dade.
Ovation 2 is on the way.
Public Domain
Free software with Paul Wheatley.
Running your newsagents on an Acorn.
CD-ROMs on networks.
Our new bi-monthly column.
The Acorn User cover disc
Homeworks part II.
Game show
All the latest gossip.
You have your say.
Next month
Details of the Christmas issue.
Free ads
Buy! Buy! Sell! Sell!
Back issues
The subscribers' page
The offer of a lifetime...
The Moxon interview
The Davids from Arcade.
C for yourself
Arrays, pointers and strings.
Questions and answers
Got a problem? Not now.
Acorn customer hotline
Our exclusive column from Acorn.
Not your average Acorn column...
Professional publishing
Impression Publisher Plus on test.
A card with 56001 uses?
Digital signal processor card.
Game reviews
Games for Christmas reviewed.
Modern languages
Five-page special round-up.
In brief
Four brief reviews.
Acronym overload
PD CD One from the Datafile.
Homeworks charts and graphs
Part II of our integrated suite.
Flashback: the development
How Flashback was converted.
CD-Circle competition
Win loads of CD-ROMs.
Time for a change?
What RISC OS 4 should contain.
Dalriada Competition
Win yourself Dalriada's latest product.
Tricks of the trade
Getting the best from sound sampling.
Infant animation
Creating computer films with kids.
I wrote that...
Mark Colton spills the beans.

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