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Issue 137 : December 1993

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Education News
The Acorn User Disc
What's in store on this month's disc.
Next Month
Free Ads
The Subscribers' Page
The Moxon Interview
Saved By The Bell
Become an organised person with the Alarm application.
True Colours
Improve your colour printing with a little help from ChangeFSI.
Questions And Answers
All your queries answered.
Back To Basics
Continuing our Basic programming tutorial.
Learning To Read
Scanner In The Works
Four imaginative ways to use your scanner.
Printing Press
Calligraph's new printer allows ultra-high resolution and Plazer proofs.
Flower Power
Behind the scenes at The Florist: the leading magazine in the floral trade.
Hit The Right Note
At last, music lovers can try out the new improved version of Rhapsody.
A Play On Words
Check out Toplogika's new spelling aid.
True To Type
LookSystems, latest contender in the fonts market, displays its wares.
Game Show
In Brief
What Price The Future?
CD-Rom drives battle it out in the value stakes.
Facing The Music
A new keyboard trainer from Minerva aims to make a musician of you.
In Touch With The Elements
We look at a CD-Rom companion for the chemistry lab.
Two Into One Goes
How CC and Wild Vision have crammed two hardware products into one.
Games Review - Top 100 Games
The definitive guide to games on the Acorn, as we choose the best 100 games ever.
Games Review - It's A Funny Old Game
Sensible supremo Tom Watson explains how the company is going to score with Sensible Soccer.
Games Review - Christmas Crackers
What's in store. We look at the hottest games for this Christmas.
Games Review - Top 10 Cheats
Can't be bothered working it out for yourself? You don't have to with cheats for the top 10 games.
Games Review - Next Year
Mystic Fin Fahey gazes into his crystal ball and predicts the big talking points in the Acorn market for '94.

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