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Issue 1 : August 1982

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A welcome from Hermann Hauser and Chris Curry of Acorn Computers.
Acorn News
Straight from Acorn - the latest information.
Graphic Art
Looking at software for the BBC Micro.
Getting Into Grpahics - Lyndon Thomas
Lyndon Thomas opens the door to graphics on the BBC micro.
News from the BBC - David Allen
Producer of the Computer Literacy Project tells us about his plans for the next series.
Your Questions Answered
Any queries on the BBC Micro? Acorn User will solve them.
Dealer list
Machine Code Graphics - John Shaw and Anthony Ferguson
Take a closer look.
Games - Simon Dally
Simon Dally launches a competition and we get to grips with some popular games.
Looking at Listings
Two very useful programs from Acorn Computers.
Hints and Tips - Joe Telford
Do you want to beat a bug and draw an alien?.
Disc Systems
All about the Atom and BBC micro.
Sound out the BBC micro and make some surprising noises!.
User Group news
Interfacing - David Duff
The inside story from Unilab.
Econet goes to school at Long Road Sixth Form College.
Your letters

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